Alumni Profiles

Year of study
  • Sports Director, St. Petersburg

  • Sports Entrepreneur, St. Petersburg\ Barnaul

  • Manager of the main speed skating team of the Russian Federation, Moscow

  • EURO 2020 Guest Services Coordinator, Lausanne

  • Project Development Manager, Moscow

  • Manager for Government Contracts and Relations with Sports Federations, Sochi

  • PR-Manager, Moscow

  • German Sport University Cologne (Cologne, Germany), M.A. International Sport Development and Politics. Scholarship holder of the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD).

  • GR Manager. Chairwoman of the Moscow region office of the Russian Surfing Federation 

  • Press officer, Sochi

  • Founder/Chief Strategist, Columnist

  • Co-Founder, Oorep Sports


  • Secretary General of Gambia Swimming Association.

    President of the Gambia National University Sport Federation.

    Swimming technician, Federation of Africa University Sports (FASU) in its Technical and Sports Regulation Committee (TSRC) .



  • Project Manager

  • Executive Director, Tashkent

  • Sponsorship Manager, Moscow


  • Consultant, Bridgetown

  • Sports community manager, SportsJig and micro influencer for Nike India

  • Head of the Crimean Bridge information centre, Moscow 

  • Sport department manager,OCOG  Beijing 2022

  • Director of children's and youth sports school, President of the Wrestling Federation of the Tyumen Region

  • Technical director, Abuja

  • Executive Director, Moscow

  • Manager of Department of National Olympic Movement Development.

    Member of the Education Commission of the International Olympic Committee

  • Founder of the School of Rhythmic Gymnastics by Olga Stryuchkova, Sochi